Refunds & Returns

  • We offer a full 100% refund on all stock items that have not been used or altered. This applies to items that HAVE NOT been cut to your specification, such as unopened rolls of netting, clips, turnbuckles etc.  Therefore if you accidentally over order on accessories that you don’t end up using, you can return them for a full refund. Return Shipping is at the buyers expense.
  • For any items that have been cut “by-the-metre”, such as netting, rope or wire we will refund 50% of the sale price, assuming the item has not been used or altered. For example if you purchased 16m of netting by-the-metre but decided not to use it for any reason, you could return the netting for a 50% refund. However, if you used 10 of the 16m supplied you cannot return the excess 6m that you no longer require.
  • Any items deemed faulty will be accepted for a full refund. We have a customer first service mentality, so if you’re not happy with your product or service for any reason contact us for assistance.